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Blanchfield ( #2 memorial ), Aleisha "Ally" Lynette

memorials continued:

We`ve Shared our heart,Full of holiday cheer
That sparkles and shine through the holiday nights
But even with the all the holiday bliss
There is a loved one we lost that we terribly miss.
and as xmas draws near.
we wish you were here
aleisha is living her life up past the stars.
somewhere past jupitor,saturn and mars.
a memory is one that last forever
a memory is one to treasure forever
i miss you very much Aleisha
I will love you forever
LOVE your nanny xxxooo 2012

The tears in my eyes

I can wipe away

The ache in my heart

will always stay


Merry Christmas My Angel


love mumxx oo   25/12/2012

my darling Aleisha its been seven years since you were taken
and it only seems like yesterday
You left us beautiful memories
Your love is still our guide
Although we cannot see you
Your always at our side
All my love and I miss you my irish eys all my love nanny xxx




Everyday without you is like summer without sunshine 

and winter without the frosts

I wish i could talk to you Aleisha

There is so much i would say

life has changed so very much

since you went away 

I miss the bond between us Aleisha

you are in my mind and in my heart

and every xmas thought

I`ll always feel you close to me

and though your far away from sight

I`ll search for you amoung the stars

that shine on xmas day

I love and miss you Aleisha

all my love nanny xxxx


Precious grandaughter ALEISHA

Its your birthday on the 4th and you would have been 27yrs old

I cant tell you Aleisha how many tears ive cried

Since the day i was told you died

Its seems impossible

Although I know its true

Because ever thing that I see reminds me of you

I will hear your laughter, see the smile on your face,

Sometimes I feel you near

I wish you were here

If i had a single flower for each thought of you

I would walk in your garden forever

I miss you my irish eyes

Love you forever all my love nanny xxxooo


Aleisha its been 8yrs since you were taken from me ,you would have been 27 now and each year that passes dosent get easier with the pain

I will never stop missing you

You were my little Irish eyes

I often wonder how it would of changed our lives if god hadnt taken you

Not a day goes by that i dont think of you and the fun times we had

I will never stop missing you

I still often show off your photo and bragg how well an athelete you were

I feel you with each beat of my heart

I will love you beyond forever

My little Irish eyes



Aleisha words cannot express my thoughts or tears of how i miss you its been 10 years since god took you and i will never know the reason why.

I will always love and miss you till the end of time.

We never got to say goodbye and i never got to give you one last hug and that torments me.

I love you aleisha and we will meet again.

love your nanny xxoo


Aleisha you maybe gone from my sight

But you are never gone from my heart

Love and miss you my irish eyes

love your nanny xxxooo


Aleisha you will never be forgotten

That simply can not be

As long as I am living

I`ll carry you with me Safely tucked within my heart

Your light will always shine A glowing amber never stilled

Throughout the end of time No matter what the future brings or what may lie ahead

I know that you will walk with me Along this path i tread

So rest my little Irish eyes And let your soul fly free When it time I`ll join you there for all eternity

Love and miss you always your nanny xxoo



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